Replacing Powerlines
Replacing Powerlines

Project Improved Foundations for Utility Pole Replacements
Installation Criteria: Special design grouted HD Pile for utility poles.
Project Lead: Tim Johnson
Equipment: CAT Excavator, HD150 Driver
Installation Depths: 20 ft.
Jobsite Restrictions
Geotechnical Concerns: ground water, soil settlement, dense layers sitting on top of weaker soils
APE supplied: Installation tools and pile material, as well as engineering and testing support
Time to Install single unit: 7-10 minutes per pile installation.
APE job influence: Designed Drilling system to install and grout piles simultaneously
Description: During heavy rains and rough weather, powerlines and telephone lines held up by wooden log poles often collapse under loose soil conditions, and have to be replaced, sometimes as often as every six months. We were privileged to design and implement a new, more reliable foundation for utility poles, adapting our patented HD Pile design to accommodate our client’s needs. Installations went flawlessly, and took as little as 7 minutes per pile. The container inside could be filled with grout, pea gravel or any other material to fit their criteria.

Powerlines supported by our HD Piles for Utility Poles have been tested and proven to be a better, longer-lasting solution to keep power and other essentials up and running!