Galveston TX Oil Tank Farm Powersystem Foundations
Galveston TX Oil Tank Farm Powersystem Foundations

Project Galveston TX Oil Tank Farm Powersystem Foundations
Installation Criteria: 4.5″ pressure grouted HD Micropile 25ft & 5.5″ Pressure grouted HD Micropile 55ft
Project Lead: Tim Johnston
Equipment: Cat 349 with a HD150 & Komatsu 490 with a HD70
Installation Depths: 25ft and 55ft
Jobsite Restrictions Superfund site. Piles cannot create a pathway between contamination and clean water aquifirs. Tower loading – tension and compression
Geotechnical Concerns: High ground water, clay rich soils
APE supplied: Tools, materials and engineering and testing support
Time to Install single unit: 8-15 min 25ft 4.5″ Pressure Grouted pile 25 min 55ft 5.5″ pressure grouted pile
APE job influence: APE added its new thread on cap for this project and directed load testing and design.
Description: The EPA controlled the process of pile selection, the process for pile approval was stalling the job. The APE Pressure Grouted HD Micropile gave the EPA the pile they needed to protect the clean water aquifirs from the contaminated soils above. Approval of the HD pile moved the project forward. APE provided engineering and load testing support to complete the design of towers and cable tray racks. APE used its new thread on pile cap to eliminate onsite welding from the pile process.