Our hearts go out to the areas recently hit by hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters these past few months. The time it takes to rebuild damaged structures and buildings can leave people without power and other essentials for some time. It hurts residences and businesses alike, and as a business headquartered just north of Houston, we hear the needs loud and clear.

Hardening Infrastructure with HD Piling

It’s true that hardening infrastructure using the same methods that failed before is design failure. APE Drilling has spent years researching & developing superior methods to harden infrastructure and keep the power and other essentials flowing to the people, even in the midst of a natural disaster. We solve many problems with our complete support solution packages, which include geological analysis, cost realization, design, and installation, as well as provision of all the required drivers, tooling and material to finish the job. We offer a truly complete solution to modern issues that have led to design failure. When the ground simply can support the weight of the structures depending on it, or the weather changes subterranean geologies to make them substantially weaker, we have made steel log powerline pole foundations that are re-enforced, grouted from the tip, and can be installed in any conditions.

Caring for the Community

This is much more than flood-proofing and hardening infrastructure. We recognize the paramount needs in today’s world for both businesses and residences. To keep progress moving forward in our daily lives, electricity and communication are absolutely paramount, and we have all felt the loss that incurs from any down-time. Securing the essentials in a proven, cost-effective and long-lasting way guarantees businesses stay running longer, families are provided for, and the road to tomorrow gets a little smoother… and who doesn’t enjoy a smooth ride?