Merck Pharmaceuticals provides veterinary and healthcare services for the medical industry, world-wide. Our team at APE Mexico went out to meet them in the urban heart of Mexico City, where they expressed a need to expand one of their local facilities. They envisioned adding two new floors to one of their current buildings, which would create more real estate to meet their needs. The current structure at the time, however, couldn’t support the extra weight they calculated would be added to the current load. Additional re-enforcement to the foundation would be needed to support the new floor plan. Luckily, we were there to help.



We quickly provided structural designs for an improved foundation to meet their needs. With our veteran knowledge of deep foundations, even our modest designs were able to offer them a load capacity rating well beyond their expectations. Their team happily agreed to the design and the project was underway. Our APE Piling manufacturing plant in Texas quickly produced the piling material in the sizes needed, then shipped it to the jobsite along with a low-overhead configuration of our HD70 Driver. It was on the crisp morning of March 24th when the first pile installations started.



Once inside the building, the low overhead space only allowed 7.5ft. maximum height for us to work in… but our crews are no strangers to low-overhead conditions. We mounted the HD70 onto a three-ton forklift, and powered the Driver using a CAT 320 excavator.

Made with T1 steel and rapid installation design, our HD Piles spun into the ground with ease. Once the HD70 installed a starter pile, our crew would grab and place an extension pile on top of and into the threaded and coupled connection of the starter pile, then use the Driver to screw it into the starter pile, combining them together to extend the total pile length. The Driver would continue installing the pile into the ground, and this process would continue until we reached our target depth of over 50ft. deep below grade.

We installed a total of six heavy-walled 4.5”-diameter piles fifty feet deep. Load tests confirmed that total load capacity per pile reached 110 Kips! And the total time it took per pile installation to target depth was within 30 minutes. Within a few days, from start to finish, the job was complete.

The jobsite was cleaned, cleared, and left with nothing but a new, re-enforced foundation that Merck could use to build their new floors, and even provide opportunities for future vertical expansion. Their team expressed their deepest thanks to Jose Antonio Alvarez Pineda, sales Representative of APE Mexico for his performance and determination to complete this project fast and efficiently. From the initial design meetings to the installation of the piles he was there through the process.

Misión cumplida!

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