We’ve been working closely with DuBord VR Studios to bring Foundation Construction into the Digital Age. Virtual Reality, or VR, has made a stunning re-emergence into the market last year. APE’s innovative team has taken this cutting edge technology and produced two exciting VR experiences that will make you feel like you’re really there! We’re proud to announce that these VR Experiences will premiere this March at ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


For the first time ever, experience sitting in a virtual excavator with full control of the boom & crowd sticks, as well as cab rotation. You’ll feel like you’re actually there as you operate our HD200 driver to grab and install 20ft. HD Pile and feel what it’s like to quickly and efficiently build a foundation. We wanted to exhibit our HD series drivers and their ability to install piling material fast, safe, and precise. Though other additional features are currently under development for the VR simulation, the actual drivers have the ability to pressure grout during pile installation, as well as use modular tooling features to pre-drill, create auger cast piles, become a down-the-hole hammer and break apart rock, ice and permafrost to create ideal soil conditions…. and more!


Our brand new product, the HD Mobile Mast, has just been released this year. It allows excavators and conventional piledriving rigs to install 40ft. material using a variety of drivers and installation tools. We wanted ConExpo participants to get a real idea of the product, so we put it inside an industrial building in VR and let them see for themselves! Strap on the HTC Vive VR headset and controls and you’ll be able to interact with the Mobile Mast and see different configurations in full size!

We welcome all to take part in these exciting and innovative experiences to help immerse you in a fun and enjoyable way with the world of Foundation Construction. Join us at ConExpo from March 7-11 at our booth: Silver Lot Space S5259. Look forward to seeing you then!