Onyx Drilling Toolik Lake Radar Site Project
Onyx Drilling Toolik Lake Radar Site Project

Project Toolik Lake Radar Site
Installation Criteria: 400 ea. Drilled and Cased Micropile
Project Lead: Tom DePeter
Equipment: Cat 320 and HD50
Installation Depths: 10′ to 25′
Jobsite Restrictions Remote work area, Environmental concerns with large footprint equipment
Geotechnical Concerns: Dense Continuous Rock, Frozen Clays and Tundra
APE supplied: Built Custom Drill Tooling used to Drill through solid rock and Frozen soils
Time to Install single unit: 10 Minutes to drill with Down-the-hole Hammer, each location
APE job influence: Designed Drilling system to run air tools that can be run on smaller excavators
Description: With -40 below and miles from the nearest town not being a big enough challenge already, Onyx undertook this project on with a stride that carried them all the way to project completion 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
  A month prior to the Project start date APE set out the build a smaller, lighter platform drilling configuration that would allow the contractor to utilize a wide array of drill tooling.
  With no ice roads to work from,this configuration insured that minimal environmental damages would occur while running on top of the sensitive tundra.