Vertical Floor Expansion
Vertical Floor Expansion


Merck Pharmaceutical Vertical Expansion Project, Mexico City

Installation Criteria: 4.5” HD Piles

Project Lead: IAEPSA

Equipment: HD70 Driver Low-Overhead Configuration, 3-ton forklift, CAT 320 Excavator (to power the HD Driver)

Installation Depths: 50ft. from surface

Jobsite Restrictions: 7.5ft. Maximum overhead clearance, existing structures: piping and ducting

APE supplied: Pile material, Excavator-mounted HD drivers & on-site crew support

Time to Install single unit: 1-2 hours per pile, six completed piles, total

APE job influence: Created structural design and load calculations, and provide on-site support to ensure product was completed to satisfaction


Merck Pharmaceuticals provides veterinary and healthcare services for the medical industry, world-wide. Our team at APE Mexico went out to meet them in the urban heart of Mexico City, where they expressed a need to expand one of their local facilities. They envisioned adding two new floors to one of their current buildings, which would create more real estate to meet their needs. The current structure at the time, however, couldn’t support the extra weight they calculated would be added to the current load. Additional re-enforcement to the foundation would be needed to support the new floor plan. Luckily, we were there to help. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY