Powerline Tower Repair
Powerline Tower Repair


Saskatchewan Powerline Tower Foundation Repair

Installation Criteria: 5.5” Grouted HD Piling

Project Lead: Ampjack

Equipment: CAT 329 Excavator, HD70 driver, Down-the-hole 8.75” bit, Polar penetrator 11” bit

Installation Depths: 25’ to 35’ from surface

Jobsite Restrictions: No paved roads, caribou herds

Geotechnical Concerns: Muskeg, large boulders, swampy organic material, and solid bedrock

APE supplied: Pile material, Excavator-mounted HD drivers & driver bits

Time to Install single unit: 30-40 minutes from pre-drill to complete installed pile

APE job influence: Designed Drilling system to install and grout piles simultaneously


Sask Power reached out to us with a task to repair eleven powerline transmission towers that had started leaning, and even sinking! The shifting underground terrain had left their foundations unstable, and in need of a superior design, with greater longevity and resistance to subterranean changes over time.

Our excavator-mounted HD Drivers allowed us to drill into the Canadian Shield, the Earth’s oldest, hardest dense geology, and to install high-strength grouted micropiles deep into the Precambrian-formed land to produce a foundation that would support the transmission line towers, indefinitely.